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The porcess of manufacture for the Gedore core product range can be divided into three basic categories:


1. Drop Forged Products
Spanners are the main products which make up the drop forged process category;
The drop forging process involves cropping a bar or rod of chrome vanadium steel into suitable blanks which are heated to between 1100 and 1260 degrees centigrade in diesel furnaces. The red hot blanks are removed from the furnace and then drop forged into a forging die.
After cooling, the excess material is trimmed off and the products are then machined. The exact working profiles, either hexagon, double hexagon or open end profiles are broached according to international dimensions and tolerances.
The next process is hardening and tempering. The products are heated to approximately 850 degrees and quenched in a water solution. Tempering follows at a temperature of between 200 and 300 degrees depending on product and material, and finally the products are allowed to air cool.
Any distortions which have occurred in the hardening process are corrected in the straightening process.
The products are forwarded to the grinding department for vibro-polishing, shoulder, ring and shank grinding. After shot blasting, the products are finally sent for a nickel-based chrome electro-plating finish before being sent to the packing department.


2. Press Forged Products
Sockets and accessories are the main products which make up the press forged product category.
The press forging process involves induction heating a cropped blank of chrome vanadium steel to a red hot condition (between 650 and 1400 degrees centigrade depending on size) and then press forming into abush or die using a mechanical press.
The forged blanks are sent to the turning department where they are faced, turned, knurled and marked, all on CNC machines.
Next, the products are sent to the hardening department in a similar manner to the spanners.
The sockets and accessories are then forwarded to the grinding department for shot blasting and polishing.Finally the products are forwarded to the plating department for nickel chrome plating.


3. Products Manufactured from Sheet-metal
Products manufactured from sheet-metal can be split into the following two categories:
  1. Press formed products, eg socket boxes.
  2. Fabricated products, eg toolboxes, cupboards and trolleys
Mild steel sheets are guillotined to the required size. The cut sheets are then punched or notched using either a mechanical or CNC press.
The next operation is either forming or bending followed, if necessary, by a trimming operation.
Finally the products are assembled using either a spot welding or riveting process.
All Gedore sheetmetal products are then phosphated for corrosion protection and powder coated.


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